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#1 Shiogakure no Sato on Fri Jan 01, 2016 6:47 pm

Shiogakure no Sato or the hidden tide village is a completely underwater city, located in the land of; composed of the main city/village at one end of the village on a island while other, smaller islands that are connected to the main village via naturally formed stone bridges, although some parts of the village are in disrepair and some of its buildings, especially those further away from the village have become ruined, a shell of their former selves. However, they do share some similarities with Kumogakure in the fact they also possess a refined chakra crystal that's housed within a shrine to the past elders to the village that the Shiokage (meaning "Tide Shadow") can converse with for guidance. This crystal, at the command of the active kage at the time, can create a extremely powerful barrier jutsu around the entire country that the hidden village is a part of (see above image) in a large, see through bubble-like barrier. This jutsu, once activated is self sustaining through the crystal and even far below the surface of the land of waters, it protects the people inside from the vast pressure of the ocean as well as creating a "bubble" of air that allows the country and the people within it to live without having to return to the surface as fish and other marine animals and plants are the normal ways to survive down in the village.

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