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#1 Kagegakure no Sato on Thu Dec 31, 2015 10:32 pm

Kagegakure no Sato

Kagegakure no Sato or the hidden shadow village, is a vast country, located under the land of earth after the hidden stone village, the former primary village for the land of earth was destroyed by Kumogakure's powerful chakra cannon and laid the country to ruin, forcing them underground. They then find, within a long dormant volcano was a massive magma tube which lead deep underground, eventually leading the surviving hidden stone ninja and civilians to the vast, vastly untouched country of Kokuyōseki (Obsidian) that laid deep under the land of stone.

The remaining shinobi and civilians are then offered to join the hidden shadow village; a secret hidden village that was designed as a back up main hidden village in case something should ever befall the hidden stone as the Sandaime Shinkage (Meaning "Third True Shadow") explained that they were once called a bunch of paranoid ninjas who had lost faith and their nerve in the workings of the hidden stone and were cast out and found the country in the same way the survives of the hidden stone did. And so, after some discussion among the fallen hidden stone members, they agreed to the Shinkage's offer of joining them, becoming hidden shadow ninja, although its said those ninja and those descended from the hidden stone never forgot their old home.

The hidden shadow's village is located similary to the hidden leaf as its created near the base of a carved out mountain, making it almost flat. The village is split up into three different sections; the kage/nobles sector, the city center and the red light district.

The Kage's sector:

The part of the village where the kage resides along with the nobles and also where the administration building and the kage's office is located in this part; right at the back of the village, its the most experience part of the village to live in, but is well worth it as a bridge connects it to the rest of the village as two stone golums (which are in fact summons that can be activated by the kage's assistant/aside or someone the kage trusts to defend the area). The main administration building is a sight to behold as two female statues stand either side of the acient looking building with a angel on the roof, projecting light around the area from a orb of light based chakra that the angel holds in its hands (which it then floats up into the "sky" about a few meters above the statue to continue emitting light). The building is made from a special obsidian that can be cut and carved like stone, but can be highly polished, making it like a piece of glass. Inside the administration building, there is detailed pictures of great ninja battles etched into the walls with the reception area being made of a more modest wood that is native to the country that has a purple appearance and tends to glow gently in the dark with silver rims around the desk. The office is similarly designed with the walls made of this shiny obsidian. From the doorway to the desk, there is a purple carpet with gold ruffles and four drapes on the walls with the kanji for shadow near the top, surrounded in a black circle. There are also a few bookcases, filled with various scrolls, reports and other things of interested to a kage. there is also a oak chair, made from the same wood as the desk with purple cushions and backrest.

The Kage's residence is in a large building, shaped like a normal japanese mansion, but made from the obsidian to fit in with the area, although the roof is still made from wood that tends to glow softly at night. There is also a large garden and the mansion is well looked after, stocked and has many rooms for guests. The rest of the houses in this sector are done to a high standards and commonly have a circular roof.

The main city center (see first image) is more the "homes built from caves" sort of deal; but it has a massive open air market, selling everything from roasted squid to rocks that come back if you throw them as well as plenty of places to eat from quick meals to full on restaurants and plenty of shops, both for civilians and ninja alike. Although it may appear caveman like, most of the people living in this part of the village are quite happy and are friendly, although there are still those that venture a visit to the red light district.

Red Light district:

The Red Light district is near the front of the village and is the entertainment hub of the village; although crime is not a serious issue, people tend to hire ninja when doing their work in this district, just to be sure since we're not just dealing with arcades and the like, but the things that gave the district its name; prostitution, gambling and other black trades that one can find in the black market sector where the most popular brothel is the black canary; where the women commonly dress in a black corset, black fishnet stockings and black high heel boots, which sometimes they will wear a black leather jacket for cold nights, but all wear a black collar around their necks. They are said to be both sexy, daring and dangerous if you end up on the wrong side of one or fail to pay as per their training, are taught to use sound release and the powerful sound release: Canary's cry as a way of self defense.

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