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#1 Ranking system on Thu Jan 14, 2016 6:59 pm


Newby Student [Tier E-3]: You've just started your journey towards learning to be a real ninja one day, your only just getting the hang of jutsus and your not that big of a threat.
Example: Konohamaru in his academy days.

Standard Student [Tier E-2]: Your getting the hang of this now and your about average in terms of skills, but you not too bad, keep things going and you'll be up there in no time.
Example: Naruto (Pre the fight with Mizuki).

Elite Student [Tier E-1]: Your the cream of the crop, a student that is vastly ahead of your peers, you can even learn and use elemental jutsu as well as being a quick study, big things are meant for you.
Example: Sasuke in his academy/team 7 early days.


New Genin [Tier D-3]: You've made it and you've just become a new genin, there's still a long road ahead, but you can just about handle yourself with what comes your way.
Example: Sakura in her team 7 early days.

Standard Genin [Tier D-2]: Your getting yourself stronger and your at the average range for most genin starting out; although even for a genin, your pretty strong and possible be using that to your advantage, but your not quite there yet, keep it up.
Example: Konohamaru during the pain invasion arc.

Elite Genin [Tier D-1]: Your abilities and prowess are staggering for someone of your rank; even from a young age, you have the makings of a real ninja, if you tried hard enough, you could give real ninjas a surprise at your strength.
Example: Neji and Shikamaru during the chunin exam arc.


New Chūnin [Tier C-3]: You've proved you've gotten what it takes to go above and beyond your limits and become a true ninja; a Chūnin of your respective village, you're now trusted with leading a squad and your own powers and abilities will only grow from here.
Example: Shikamaru (post Chūnin exam).

Standard Chūnin [Tier C-2]: You've gained experience and have grown to be on equal terms with other Chūnin in the field, your name is starting to spread around as you grown and learn and are being to gain both the respect of those who know you and fear of your enemies.
Example: Iruka and standard Chūnin within their respective villages.

Elite Chūnin [Tier C-1]: You've gone above and beyond the call of duty, you've seen the darkness and have come out still fighting, you're well known for your skills and are heading for bigger and better things.
Example: Shino Aburame (post timeskip).

=Tokubetsu/Special Jōnin=

New Special Jōnin [Tier B-3]: Congrats, you've made it onto the stepping stones to becoming one of the best ninjas of the village; the Jōnin, but you've yet to reach the full potencial of a Jōnin, so you're here in the midway point, you're very good at one thing, but its time to improve beyond one skill and become more then a single part.
Example: Ebisu.

Standard Special Jōnin [Tier B-2]: You're making progress, you're learning and growing strong enough that words of your feats are getting around and even though you might have settled into a role, you're still a force to be reckoned with.
Example: Ibiki Morino.

Elite Special Jōnin [Tier B-1]: You're almost there, one more push and you'll be with the best of the best in your village (besides the kage), the Jōnin. your feats have made you stand out from the rest that your one tough ninja and your powers and track record are lined with feats of honour and a vast list of missions one can expect from someone of this calibre.


New Jōnin [Tier A-3]: You're struggled hard, endured much pain and suffering, but now you're at the top of the food chain that you can reach; a true Jōnin of your respective village, but there is always room for improvement and should you keep pushing your way towards the top, great things will be coming for you.
Example: Kurenai (pre timeskip).

Standard Jōnin [Tier A-2]: You've made your way up through the ranks and you can call yourself well known for your power, strength and wisdom that have guided you through this journey to becoming one of the best and you'll probably even have a moniker for how well known you are.
Example: Asuma (pre death).

Elite Jōnin [Tier A-1]: Now you've hit the big leagues, you're skills are unmatched and you terrify even the most hardened of ninja at the mere mention of your name; your a force, if unleashed, can be truly terrifying to behold and your enemies must be careful in your presence.
Example: Kakashi Hatake and Might Gai.


Standard Sannin [Tier S-3]: You are truly something to behold; you've become a legend in your own time, someone to be both feared and respected, but there are still things you can learn and experience to make you truly stand out.
Example: Itachi Uchiha (pre death).

Legendary Sannin [Tier S-2]: You've become a true legend, a god among shinobi, who's very power can shape the world around them, your are feared and respected by all and are the most powerful of shinobi, outside of the kages, to attack you is a sure fire way to end up loosing your life or at the very least, a truly epic battles, ones for which words cannot express well enough.
Example: Jiraiya and Orochimaru.

Kage [Tier S-1]: You've made it to the top and have become the kage of your respective village; truly, the power you wield is second to none and your wisdom and leadership is what will ensure your village is maintained and can flourish under your guidance and protection.
Example: Tsunade (as the Fifth hokage).


Legendary ninja [Tier SS-3]: Your are now a ninja of such great power and skills that your name is written in history as one of the greats, you are a walking myth and anyone finding you and wanting to harm you becomes only a child's game to someone of your abilities.
Example: Hiruzen Sarutobi (pre death).

God of Shinobi [Tier SS-2]: The mere saying of your name is enough to cause ninjas to start sobbing and once they see you, they know that the grim reaper himself has come for them as you are a walking embodiment of death; your feats are legendary and your are a unstoppable force of nature to which if you get in the way off, you'll only find death and destruction in their wake.
Example: Madara Uchiha (both pre death and post revival).

Sage of the six paths [Tier SS-1]: Now, even gods fear you as even seeing you makes them quake; you could perform miracles and your name is synonymous with the gods themselves, you are worshipped and respected as a god of your time and if you wish to, anyone who meets you will know first hand why you are revered as much as you are.
Example: Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki; the first sage of the six paths and the father of ninjutsu.

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